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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I absolutely love and adore Zara! It is by far my favorite clothing store, given that the quality is great and the prices quite reasonable (with awesome sales at times). They always are up to trend every season with a wide variety of staple items and trendy garments. I particularly adore their jackets/blazers, skirts, pants, and dresses. Pretty much everything. Below are some pictures of the most recent catalogue and lookbook



Anonymous said...

Greeat pictures, I love Zara too!

minnja said...

I love the Zara collection:))

Becky said...

Gorgeous stuff! Man, they've got some shiny models! ♥

Same Page Notion

ZuckerKleidchen said...

wonderful :)

i love the look zara creates!

great pics!

Gayle said...

The brown leather shorts are beautiful. I cant wait for it to go on sale! Haha :D
Here in the Philippines, Zara is more on the expensive side. There are A LOT of beautiful clothes here for much less. you can buy a whole wardrobe and more with $100! Complete with shoes and a bag! :)

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Pinkie Anggia said...

Truly wonderful pics, sweety :)

Pinkie Angia

knk said...

wonderful pics great photography

Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

I am really glad you girls enjoy Zara as well :)


Gayle said...

Aww thank you Irene! :) I'll follow you too ;)

Ya if you ever come to the Philippines, let me know. I feel we both have the passion for shopping!
I do have an aunt living in Canada now.. She's in Alberta.. Edmonton, I think. I'd love to visit someday!

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Champagne said...

This makes me actually want to recheck out zara again.

And thanks for the lovely comment ^_^ Your blog is fabulous.

princess V said...

WOW these looks from ZARA are fantastic!!