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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello dear current or future followers!

I decided to re-create my blog, I greatly hope it will be read by many of you beautiful people. I am absolutely obsessed with fashion, skincare, makeup and art. Oh, and my major, oddly enough, is Management with a minor in International Business. I know, I could have easily gone to a fashion school, but then again I am not very gifted in sewing techniques. Anyway, so I though to myself with a degree in Management I could open my doors to numerous jobs that include fashion and the never-ending world of beauty. Obviously, my ultimate dream job would be a good position in a prestigious fashion magazine like Elle, Harper's Bazaar or Marie Claire....can I allow myself to go even further? What about an Editor-in-Chief of one of the previous magazines. Okay, Okay...I shall stop this dream is going too far, but then again you never know.
Once again, welcome to my blog!
Have an amazing rest of the day or night!

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