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Monday, July 19, 2010

Braid my summer

So, most of you know by now that braids are big this season! Good for me! I've been having long hair for years, so taking my shower is always a bummer for my poor hair (especially brushing through it afterward) so braids have been my best friends for the longest time. This season I can show them off! :)
Below is my take on them:

Seen on the runways:



Jesa said...

LOVE the braid! your look gorgeous darling! And Of course I'm popping over to following you on your new site-no worries :)


Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

aaww Jesa thank you sweety! :)

this free bird said...

Love the braid. Looks fab! Especially the side're lucky to have so much wonderful hair!!


Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

Carrie you and your always kind words :) Thank you dear! You have stunning hair yourself!

MariloƩ said...

this hair is so adorable ... unfortunately my hair is too short :(

Shirin said...

I love your hair! ♥ xx

Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

@Mariloe: Thank you dear, but short hair rock also I used to have them for 4 years :)

@Shirin: Thank you darling!

edk.dolce said...

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Priscilla said...

oh, i like it!


love the braid on you! you have great hair <3

xoxo, B

MarieAntoinette said...

The photos are poor quality, but of course I love your hairstyle ;)

Fashion and Beauty Lights said...

@edk.dolce: Okay I will check it out, sounds great!

@Priscilla: Glad you like it dear!

@saving betty: Thank you Betty! :)

@MarieAntoinette: I am sorry you found the pix poor quality dear, maybe if you can click on them, the resolution will be bigger and greater :) Thank you!